How many types of lettuce Find out how to farm your parking strip

How many types of lettuce Walk down the street in any Seattle community these days, & you may be more likely to peer Swiss chard or lettuce rising in parking strips than grass. "All over Seattle, vegetable gardens in parking strips are well-liked," panorama dressmaker Erin Lau says. That narrow strip of land among the sidewalk & the road, regularly called the hell strip because of its notoriously inhospitable growing conditions, has develop into a favourite spot for gardeners short of to farm their yards. Tom Richardson already was growing edibles in his Seattle lawn when he became his consideration to a ten- via one hundred-foot parking strip in front of his area.

Other neighbors on his street had began farming their parking strips already, and he hired Lau to develop into his large plot from hell strip to suitable for eating heaven. Though hours of direct solar & nutrient-deficient soil plague many parking strips, raised beds help this just one be triumphant. Project at a GlanceWhat: Raised vegetable beds & pollinator beds in a public parking strip Location: Wallingford group of Seattle Size: 1,000 sq. Feet (ninety three sq.

Meters) Get an up-shut look at a thriving boulevard-aspect suitable for eating garden, just one of many sprouting up in Seattle.

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