How to design a ceiling Methods to save a monotonous field of a living space

How to design a ceiling It could be wonderful if all of us lived in architecturally innovative rooms with beautiful angles and huge windows and amazing ceilings. But actually such a lot of have a least one uninteresting, boxy area to contend with. You recognize the kind: low ceilings, blah windows, 0 molding, standard closet. But beginning out with a humdrum, boxy space doesn't suggest you are doomed.

There are how one can turn such areas into wonderful , clever, relaxed spaces with lots of fashion. But you're going to need to take a couple of chances. A few laws for turning uninspiring rooms into wonderful rooms:Think drama. Drama can run the gamut from sparse and all white to plush, textured and filled.

But a monotonous field of a space will receive advantages a great deal from a big imaginative and prescient. Love your partitions. Paint them, wallpaper them or add faux moldings; just don't depart them beige and flat. Go loopy with curtains.

Extra-long curtains can do a squat, dull window an international of good & add a few much-wanted drama. Switching out a monotonous closet door for a beautiful curtain provides texture and color. A curtain behind a bed acts as a headboard & provides texture, colour, trend & drama (even if it's beige). Let there be gentle.

Whatever you do, do not be content material with an uneventful flush-mounted ceiling gentle. Go large, move daring , cross bright. Lighting both the fixture & the standard of light it casts can utterly turn into a place. These 13 instance of boring long past stunning will help prepared the ground.

And please, show us your amazing boxy rooms. Whip a ho-hum format & low ceilings into prime-design shape with those ideas that supply a large new imaginative and prescient.

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