Interior design in america Get a chicken’s-eye view of america’s housing styles

Interior design in america Even earlier than Google allowed anybody with an Internet connection to peer a satellite tv for pc view of anywhere at the globe, I liked having a look at books with aerial pictures. A few favorites that focus on natural & human-made landscapes of the United States are Alex S. MacLean's Designs on the Land: Exploring American from the Air, Dolores Hayden's & photographer Jim Wark's A Field Guide to Sprawl & Alan Berger's Drosscape: Wasting Land in Urban America. Flipping thru those books once more not too long ago triggered me to look at America's housing styles in Google Maps, particularly puts for which high -resolution , 45-degree aerial imagery is available.

The collected perspectives monitor the diversity of the rustic's suburban housing with regards to scale & form , but also that a lot of it's what MacLean describes as "monotonous, sterile, inefficient and pedestrian unfriendly. It is lacking a larger plan that goes beyond the responses to market forces, price range & restrictive regulations. "But all wish is not lost, as we'll see. So come alongside on a shuttle over America, taking within the good and the dangerous, the standard & the bizarre.

All the views are at the comparable scale (a little less than half mile throughout). See the large image of the way suburban developments are converting the country's panorama, with aerial photos & ideas for the long run.

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